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QD COVID-19 Update
March 19, 2021

QD continues to operate within the restrictions mandated by the County of San Diego and State of California. While many employees continue to work from home, our manufacturing operations are working at full capacity. Shipping and receiving are open during normal working hours Monday – Friday. No visitors are allowed on site at this time except for essential services. Sales, Service, and the Installation teams continue to be restricted from travel. Our staff are available for your calls during normal working hours, 8:00am to 5:00pm PDT. You also are welcome to contact us by email: info@qdusa.com, service@qdusa.com, sales@qdusa.com and apps@qdusa.com. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We look forward to hearing from you for quotes and service needs.

About Us

Quantum Design, Inc. (QD) is the manufacturing arm of Quantum Design International (QDI) and has been located in San Diego, California since its inception in 1982. QD is the leading commercial source for automated materials characterization systems incorporating superconducting technology. These systems offer a variety of measurement capabilities and are in widespread use in the fields of physics, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science and nanotechnology.

QD instruments may be found in the world’s leading research institutions, and have become the reference standard for a variety of magnetic and physical property measurements. Quantum Design, Inc. instruments are cited in, and provide the data for, more scientific publications than any other instrument in the fields of magnetics and materials characterization. This means that each year, literally hundreds of scientific publications, advancing the science of materials, use data generated from QD instruments.

Building on its expertise in the global marketing and distribution of its own scientific instruments, QDI eventually broadened its scope to distribute quality scientific instruments from other manufacturers through an international network of wholly owned subsidiaries in every major technological center around the world. With offices in the USA, Japan, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Brazil, as well as thirteen European countries, QDI is strategically located in the world’s key centers for scientific research, providing local marketing, sales and technical support.

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