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Helium Compressors – Quantum Design

Helium Compressors

Quantum Design HAC 900 and HLC 4900 Compressors

Quantum Design brings its 35+ years of low temperature instrumentation design to the development and manufacture of an innovative line of helium compressors for Gifford-McMahon (G-M) and pulse tube cold heads. Variable speed energy efficiency, longer uninterrupted run times between servicing, and low vibration operation are all hallmarks of these small, indoor helium compressors.



2.5 kW Helium Compressor HAC 900 by Quantum Design

The Quantum Design 2.5 kW indoor, air-cooled compressor (HAC 900) is compact and quiet, making it perfect for operation in laboratories and small work spaces. Variable speed operation is not only energy efficient but also reduces servicing requirements compared to traditional one-speed compressors.


  • 2.5 kW at 4.2 K
  • Variable speed control
  • Energy smart
  • Long service life
  • Air cooled
  • Remote control operation and monitoring
  • Real time diagnostics
  • "On-demand" cooling power


  • Superconducting magnet systems
  • LTS electronics and SQUIDs
  • Optical cryostats
  • LT microscopes


  • Input power cable – 2.5 meters
  • Flexible gas lines – 3 or 15 meters
  • Computer Interface Module via USB
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

2.5 kW Helium Compressor Brochure

8 kW Helium Compressor HLC 4900 – Quantum Design

HLC 4900 is the newest addition to Quantum Design's family of smart, energy-efficient helium compressors. Developed in collaboration with Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, the HLC 4900's next generation variable speed technology helps to reduce operating costs of cryogenically cooled instrumentation – including both Gifford-McMahon (G-M) and pulse tube cold heads. The water-cooled HLC 4900 compressor is compact and quiet, making it ideal for operation in laboratories and work spaces. Pairing with the optional dedicated chiller enables easy integration for laboratories lacking available chilled water capacity. Variable speed operation is not only energy efficient but also reduces wear on key components, reducing servicing requirements in comparison with traditional one-speed compressors. Beyond extending the operational lifetime of the compressor, variable speed drive also allows users to decrease speeds for applications in which it is advantageous to reduce vibrations of the cold head.

Performance Characteristics

  • Variable speed control
  • Energy efficient
  • Increased service life
  • Remote control
  • Real time diagnostics
  • Modular architecture


  • Superconducting magnets
  • Low temperature superconducting electronics
  • SQUIDs
  • Helium liquefiers


  • Computer interface module via USB
  • Compact dedicated chiller (optional)

8 kW Helium Compressor (HLC 4900) Brochure


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