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FusionScopeā„¢ Successfully Installed at Quantum Design Japan Offices!

Quantum Design Japan FusionScope Team

QD Japan FusionScope Team

Quantum Design Japan FusionScope Training

FusionScope Training at QD Japan

Quantum Design Japan FusionScope Team Looking at the Software

Looking at the Software

Quantum Design Japan


April 27, 2023

note from our Quantum Design Japan (QDJ) team on their FusionScopeā„¢ installation:

"We are pleased to announce that the 1st FusionScope for Japan has been successfully installed at QDJ. We like to thank the entire FusionScope engineering team for developing such a beautiful instrument. The fact that we were able to install the instrument in downtown Tokyo and achieve research-grade AFM noise performance straight out of the crate with minimal effort is extremely impressive.

We also can confirm that the software is easy to use as advertised. The entire engineering team at QDJ was able to use the FusionScope system with minimal training. The speaks highly to the effort the FusionScope team put in to making FusionScope a truly advanced yet accessible research tool.

All of us at QDJ are looking forward to launching in Japan, with activities such as displaying FusionScope at exhibitions to performing live demonstrations at QDJ planned. Again, congratulations to the entire FusionScope team on a job well done."

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