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2018 Greg DeGeller QD Education Award for Best Student Submission – Josefa Gregorio

2018 Greg DeGeller QD Education Award for Best Student Submission – Josefa Gregorio

Josefa Gregorio, student of Applied Physics and Greg DeGeller, President of Quantum Design

July 27, 2018

ecognizing the value of providing a wide range of educational modules on its education-focused website, Quantum Design (QD) recently awarded its first prize for best student submission of a new educational experiment module. The award went to Josefa Gregorio, a student working toward her B.S. in Applied Physics at California State University, San Marcos.

Titled "Doping-Dependent Spin Reorientation Phenomenon in Holmium-based Orthoferrite," the objective of the module was to investigate the Spin Reorientation (SR) phenomenon in HoFeO3 and then examine the effect of Cr doping on the SR. "We used the Quantum Design VersaLab to take VSM measurements," Gregorio recalled. ""t first it was a little daunting to operate the VSM device because I didn't want to break an expensive device. However, it turned out that it was really easy to mount the VSM linear motor, load the sample, and program through MultiVu."

When asked to elaborate about the overall experience, Gregorio stated, "It taught me how to write in a scientific educational format and furthered my understanding of the research. We have used what we learned from creating this module to branch off into new research projects. Most importantly, it enhanced my academic development experience as an emerging young scientist."

Quantum Design believes in the importance of innovations for educating tomorrow's scientists and engineers, especially in the fields of condensed matter physics, chemistry and materials science. QD's primary goal is to teach students how to preserve and foster their magical curiosity and to learn how to express it creatively. The QD Education website is part of an initiative to develop a teaching curriculum that exploits simple and "uncluttered" leading edge technology to inspire students to learn in new and more meaningful ways. Its purpose is to encourage the development and sharing of measurement curricula using QD's wide range of measurement options along with its PPMSĀ® VersaLab® cryogenic platform.

Visit the Quantum Design Education website and learn more about the education modules available there.

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