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Single Crystal Czochralski Furnace – GES Corporation Tetra Arc Furnace

Single Crystal Czochralski Furnace

GES Corporation Tetra Arc Furnace

Manufactured by GES Corporation, this tetra arc crystal furnace uses the Czochralski pulling method and four electric arcs to grow a wide range of metallic-conductive materials such as metallic compounds and high-temperature superconductors. Achieving a 10-6 Torr vacuum within an hour, and using four electric arcs to heat materials up to 3000° C, this furnace provides easy operation and real time monitoring of the crystallization process via CCD camera and four monitoring windows.


Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace – Electrodes in Chamber

Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace – Pellet
  • Single crystal growth by Czochralski pulling method
  • Four electric arcs to uniformly melt materials up to 3000° C
  • Vacuum system that reaches 10-6 Torr vacuum in one hour
  • Easy operation of all growth parameters
  • Convenient handling of materials
  • Four monitoring windows
  • CCD camera for real-time monitoring of growth process

Tetra Arc Furnace is Capable of Growing:

  • Metal compounds
  • High-temperature superconductors


Tetra Arc Furnace Introduction


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