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Helium-Ion Beam Systems for Thin Magnetic Films – Spin-Ion Technologies Helium-S

Helium-Ion Beam Systems for Thin Magnetic Films

Spin-Ion Technologies Helium-S

Spin-Ion Technology offers ultra-compact Helium-ion beam process technology to enhance the magnetic properties of thin films at the atomic scale. For more than 20 years, Spin-Ion’s research team has been developing a patented process solution to treat magnetic materials to enhance their performance, reducing manufacturing costs and improving yield for both HDD and MRAM applications. This process is based on post-growth He+ ion irradiation to tailor the magnetic properties of thin magnetic films at the atomic scale and improve their performances. The utilization of light ions provides the precise control of inter-atomic displacements through the low energy transfer. The key feature of the technology is the precise control of magnetic properties including: perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, ferromagnetic order, damping, Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction, and domain wall/skyrmions dynamics or SOT switching. Spin-Ion's technology has been developed to deliver dedicated tools to customers working in nano-magnetism and spintronics.


  • He+ ions with energies ranging from 1.0 to 30 KeV
  • Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Ion Source
  • Ultra-compact/small foot-print
  • Standalone (ex-situ) system or integrated (in-situ) with UHV process equipment (sputtering, tube, etc.)
  • Beam currents from a few microamperes up to several milliamperes
  • 1 inch coupon sample capability
  • Hardware and software for remote control

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Spin-ION Technologies

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