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Kerr Effect Magnetometer

Durham Magneto Optics NanoMOKE3®

NanoMOKE3 is a new generation of ultra-high sensitivity magnetooptical magnetometer and Kerr microscope. Building on the success of NanoMOKE2, it offers high performance laser magnetometry and near video-rate Kerr microscopy in a single machine. It is sensitive to the longitudinal, transverse and polar magnetooptical Kerr effects and is ideally suited to measuring the magnetic properties of thin magnetic films and magnetic nanostructures. Such measurements are commonly made during research and development into:

  • Magnetic nanotechnology
  • Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM)
  • Recording heads
  • Patterned magnetic media
  • Spintronics / magneto-electronics
  • GMR / TMR
  • Thin film magnetism
  • Magnetic field sensors


  • Ultra-high sensitivity and stability combined with very low noise:  Reflectivity changes smaller than 0.02% and polarisation changes smaller than 0.5 mdeg can be detected with a measurement time of just a few seconds.
  • Highly focused laser spot:  Depending on the objective lens selected, the laser spot can be focused to as small as 2μm. This allows hysteresis loops to be measured from small numbers of nanostructures selected out of an array, high hysteresis loop sensitivity to be achieved in single isolated nanostructures, and sharp domain images to be captured.
  • Advanced laser rastering mirror system:  Built on technology developed for confocal microscopy and optical coherence tomography, NanoMOKE3 includes a pair of high speed precision galvanometric mirrors which move the focused laser beam under computer control. This allows measurements to be made from precisely defined positions on the sample surface and for video-rate imaging by rapid rastering of the laser. This eliminates the traditional divide between Kerr magnetometers and Kerr microscopes; NanoMOKE3 is a true hybrid, offering excellent performance in each role.
  • Excellent imaging quality:  Bright, sharp, large field of view and high resolution images can be taken in polar Kerr, longitudinal Kerr and reflectivity contrast modes. Frame rates of up to 4 frames per second allow domain images to be viewed in real time; photographic capture quality allows a publishable quality image to be recorded in 7 seconds.
  • Fully automated integrated optics:  No laser beams or optics to align. Simply place the optics head in front of the sample, adjust the focus, null the detector and start using the software.
  • Extendable and interoperable:  Auxiliary electronic inputs and outputs allow NanoMOKE3 to be connected electronically to your own experiments. The auxiliary laser input port allows NanoMOKE3 to use an existing laboratory laser instead of the built-in laser. Different objective lenses can be selected from a wide range to fit resolution, field of view and working distance according to the experimental needs. Most third-party cryostats, cryogen-free cryocoolers and electromagnets can be successfully interfaced.
  • Supplied with flexible and easy-to-use LX Pro 3 control software:  LX Pro 3 allows the laser to be moved so as to locate specific areas; allows complex applied field patterns to be easily generated; and records hysteresis loops and allows post-processing of the loops to filter noise, remove artefacts, and automatically measure key loop parameters such as coercivity and remanence. It also allows real-time display of images during rastering, capture of photographic quality images and basic image processing such as contrast-brightness correction and profile measurement. LX Pro 3 also includes a macro language which can be used to interface NanoMOKE3 to other software routines that you may wish to write to automate complex measurements. Public domain image processing software ImageJ is also supplied pre-installed for more advanced image processing tasks.

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