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Materials Characterization

Quantum Design, Inc. PPMS® DynaCool™

PPMS® DynaCool™

PPMS performance and measurements in a new, cryogen-free design! PPMS compatibility, magnetic fields up to 14 T, and temperatures to 50 mK in a system that never requires liquid helium.

Quantum Design, Inc. MPMS®3

Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS®3)

The next generation of advanced SQUID magnetometry. Available with multiple measurement modes, cryogen-free operation, and a full suite of measurement options.

Quantum Design, Inc. Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS®)

Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS®)

Our most versatile instrument, now with EverCool-II® cryogen-free cooling technology. Offering the widest range of magnetic, thermal and electrical measurements.

Quantum Design, Inc. VersaLab™ 3 Tesla Cryogen Free Vibrating Sample Magnetometer


A full suite of magnetic, thermal and electrical measurements in a portable, cryogen-free instrument.

NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

PhaseFMR and CryoFMR spectrometers that allow CPW-FMR characterization.



A new generation of ultra-high sensitivity magnetooptical magnetometer and Kerr microscope.

PPMS® SPM by attocube Systems

attocube Systems PPMS® SPM

The only scanning probe microscopes for the PPMS® certified and endorsed by Quantum Design.

Single Quantum Eos X10 CS

Single Quantum Eos X10 CS

A superconducting nanowire single photon detector (SNSPD).

qutools Quantum Information Products

qutools Quantum Optics

Quantum Information Products

Rainbow Photonics TeraSys®-AiO

Rainbow Photonics

Novel terahertz solutions for imaging and spectroscopy.

MPMS®/XL Options)

MPMS®/XL Options

The system that set the industry standard for SQUID magnetometry measurements. Contact your local Quantum Design representative for upgrades and service requests. Click here for parts and accessories.


Advanced Technology Liquefiers

Advanced Technology Liquefiers

The Advanced Technology Liquefiers along with its Helium Recovery, Storage & Purification Systems allow you to recover helium gas currently being lost from normal boil off and helium transfers.

Quantum Design Cryo-Refrigerators and Compressors

Cryo-Refrigerators and Compressors

Variable speed, energy efficient cryo-refrigerators and compressors for a variety of demanding applications..

High Precision Devices (HPD) Ultra Low Temperature Cryostats

High Precision Devices (HPD)

Precision, cryogen-free coolers designed for a range of scientific applications, including low-temperature detectors, superconducting devices and quantum computing.


MicroWriter ML®3 Lithography Systems

MicroWriter ML®3 Lithography Systems

A flexible photolithography machine, designed for rapid prototyping and small volume manufacture in R&D laboratories and small clean rooms.

SwissLitho NanoFrazor

SwissLitho NanoFrazor

Unique tools for rapid-prototyping of nanostructures and nanodevices.

Sample Synthesis

Quantum Design, Inc. IR Image Furnace

IR Image Furnace

The high-performance, compact IR Image Furnace from Quantum Design offers unsurpassed performance in a convenient, stand-alone design.

Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace

Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace

Manufactured by GES Corporation, this furnace allows users to conveniently grow metallic-conductive crystals such as high-temperature superconductors.


nB nanoScale Biomagnetics DM100 Series Magnetic Hyperthermia Devices

Magnetic Hyperthermia Devices

nB nanoScale Biomagnetics introduces the DM100 Series, the integral, immediate and reliable solution for laboratory tests on magnetic hyperthermia.

Aresis TWEEZ

Aresis TWEEZ

A complete turn-key laser tweezers system.


Superconducting  High-Gradient Magnetic Separation (SHGMS) System

Magnetic Separator (SHGMS)

Automated high capacity processing of clay slurries and other industrial operations.

Quantum Design, Inc. Laboratory SQUIDs

Laboratory SQUIDs

A complete line of DC SQUID sensors and electronics for your custom applications.