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Quantum Design Announces New Products at APS March Meeting

Quantum Design Announces New Products at APS March Meeting

In anticipation of this year’s APS March Meeting, Quantum Design has introduced several new measurement options and products. These include a Hydrogen Detector to detect trace levels of Hydrogen in helium supplies that often lead to blocked impedances; Electrical Transport (ETO) for the MPMS3 to perform AC Resistance, Hall Effect, I-V, and Differential Resistance (dV/dI vs. I) measurements; a Dilatometer for measuring expansion in samples using the PPMS or PPMS DynaCool; AC Susceptibility for use in dilution refrigerators; and the new VersaLab OptiX for conducting optical characterization on the PPMS VersaLab.

Attendees of the January 2016 MMM-Intermag Conference

Quantum Design Hosts Tours for MMM-Intermag Conference

Quantum Design hosted tours for attendees of the MMM-Intermag Conference that was held in San Diego, California on January 11-15. The tours occurred on Thursday 1/14 and Friday 1/15. Visitors were shown the production and final test floors of Quantum Design’s manufacturing facility in San Diego and were then treated to an informal reception in the Quantum Design Applications Lab. Current research projects were presented and attendees had a chance to interact with Quantum Design engineers. Quantum Design would like to thank everyone who took this opportunity to visit us.

Quantum Design Education Website

Quantum Design Announces New Website to Promote Science Education

The new Quantum Design Education website is part of an initiative between QD and leading universities to develop teaching and research curriculum to encourage the development and sharing of measurement curricula. The teaching materials and sample experiments on this site are meant to provide instructors in physics and materials sciences readymade solutions to use in their undergraduate and beginning graduate classrooms and laboratories. Learn more about this initiative, or visit the Quantum Design Education website.