Quantum Design, Inc.
Automated temperature and magnetic field testing platforms for materials characterization
Quantum Design, Inc.
Quantum Design, Inc.


Jerry Daviess, CEO of Quantum Design International
Jerry Daviess, CEO of
Quantum Design International

Quantum Design featured in Business Section of the San Diego Union Tribune on May 19, 2014.






Quantum Design International

Jerry Daviess Announced as New CEO of Quantum Design International. For more information click here.



Quantum Design, Inc. Advanced Technology Liquefiers

Quantum Design's Advanced Technology Liquefiers
Quantum Design's Advanced Technology Liquefiers (ATL) along with its innovative Helium Recovery, Storage & Purification Systems allow you to recover the helium gas currently being lost from the normal boil off and helium transfers of your cryogenic instruments. To find out more about these exciting new products, click here for product descriptions. To read our press release about the technology license agreement between Quantum Design and GWR, click here.

Quantum Design is the leading manufacturer of automated materials characterization systems for research applications in the fields of:

These systems provide temperatures from <0.05K to 1000 K and magnet fields from 3 to 16 tesla, along with a variety of automated measurement options.

PPMS performance and measurements in a new, cryogen-free design! PPMS compatibility, magnetic fields up to 14 T, and temperatures to 50 mK in a system that never requires liquid helium.
The next generation of advanced SQUID magnetometry. Available with multiple measurement modes, cryogen free operation, and a full suite of measurement options.
An innovative device that provides the widest range of fully automated measurements, including:  magnetometry (AC, DC, Torque, and VSM), electrical and thermal transport, heat capacity and He3. It also offers a Dilution Refrigerator for measurements down to 50mK. The MPMS® and PPMS® are both available with an optional cryocooled liquid helium dewar, eliminating the requirement for liquid helium transfers.
A full suite of magnetic, thermal and electrical measurements in a portable, cryogen-free instrument.


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